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Spoon Revolution

Revolution! One with the pen, another with the sword; ours is with the spoon. We know they have put meat on your dish. Well, now it's time to take it off!

Some choose the option of taking up arms, others prefer to do their part with the pen, diplomacy or whatever. For now, let us not be concerned with choosing the proper tools for all the factions. The important thing is that their intentions are pure and sincere..

So What is This About?

People get active for a variety of causes: they march for peace, establish a party, support a politician, engage in international lobbying, defend or denounce their homeland, protect birds, attempt coup d'etats with weapons, march against bullfighting, conspire against authority, seek self-defense, pay or refuse to pay taxes, impose their own taxes, set a good example for their children, etc. The point here is not to discuss whether people should or should not continue doing these things, but to show how putting an end to meat-eating is completely in line with any of their noble principles.

You can achieve much more by taking meat off your dish than by participating in marches, politics or charity. It is quicker than managing resources, easier than saving the pink dolphin of the Amazon River, and more effective than giving your blank vote. The results are direct and free of any collateral damage.


This is a daily revolution, persistent, effective, and yielding immediate results. There is no need of weapons, there is no blood to be spilled (on the contrary). There are no risks to be taken, and even the story teller or the policeman can take part.


The consumption of meat or flesh seriously harms the planet and this significantly contributes to the hunger of the world. It is a reality that very few know.

Apparently the animals are feeding us, but a less superficial look will show us that we are feeding the animals instead of feeding ourselves.

The cattle is one of the main polluting agents. Every second 125 tons of residues are generated from the meat industry. These pollute the rivers and produce toxic gases like ammoniac, methane and carbon dioxide, polluting the atmosphere, affecting the ozone field and contributing to the hothouse effect.

More than the half of the consumed water in the world is used in the cattle business and watering lands to obtain food for the cattle. While to produce one kilogram of meat more than 20.000 liters of water are necessary, for a kilogram of wheat only 227 liters are necessary, and for a kilogram of rice 454 liters are necessary.

The production of meat is the cause of the massive deforestation of the tropical forests and their posterior conversion into deserts. 300.000 square kilometers of tropical forests are destroyed every year as a consequence of the need of grass for the cattle business. A vegetarian saves 4.000 square meters of trees in one year.

To produce 1 kg of protein by growing animals one uses 25 times more energetic resources and natural than to produce the same quantity of vegetal protein. The production of only one hamburger uses fossil fuels equivalent to the necessary ones to drive a small car along 32 km, or the water enough for 17 showers.

"From early age, I have hated the use of meat, and there will be the day on which men will see the killing of animals like now they see the killing of men" Leonardo Da Vinci